My fork of LB

I've been aware of one of Luke's projects, and that is LB - a simple blogging system that also sets up RSS feeds. I love the script, because it uses simple utilities and is easily customizable. Truly shows how you don't need hundreds of thousands of lines to make a limited, barely functional blog. Since the script revolves around HTML, you can customize the look and feel, and even the bare bones of it.

[UPDATE 07/13/22] LMFAO.

I've made my own modified version of the script. It includes - a simple navigation, the publishing date, and the footer. You can technically use the script, however I am constantly bound to add and remove things, so beware of breakages.

How my setup works

Now, you could've noticed I use the word updates, instead of blog. That's because people don't care about "blogs", as they have the perception of Wordpress sites. My site design consists of nav (the navigation), main (the main content of the site) and footer (the shoes of the site). Everything is always packaged in a darker box, which is the reason they have section as the class name.

Written by VickyTheChills on Apr 06, 2022 at 03:45:18 EEST